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"I just wanted to send a note to tell you both how much Hunter and I loved our Intermediate class.  I was feeling very depressed prior to the class since I have a fantastic dog but oh so naughty with the jumping, biting, barking, etc. puppy behaviors.  Kelly is so patient and made me feel like I can make it through.   I love the way there is absolutely no judgement on the way myself or my family deals with Hunter, just great ideas/advice.  The pace of the class was perfect, lots of individual attention, and Hunter learned so much."

Adrienne G.

"Kelly is amazing! I have a grumpy old man who can be very picky and a vert sweet golden....they both adore her! Not only do they love her, but they AND my house were cleaner than when I left. Trust her completely!"

Jennifer K.

"It's so nice to have someone you can trust in your home and with your dogs. We have used Kelly for 6+ years. She's both of our dogs' favorite person! Our dogs are large and often unruly but she has an even temperament and is a trainer so they're in capable hands when left with her for either a day of dog walks, a quick training session or a week vacay."

Michele F.

"I have known Kelly for almost 20 years and there isn't anyone I would trust more with my pups or my home than her. She is responsible, conscientious, and attune with her client's needs and their animal's needs. I have had difficult pups and easy pups, and Kelly seems to work well with both. I whole-heartedly believe that if you choose her, you and your pets will be at ease."

Jennifer M.

"Kelly is so knowledgable and experienced that I know she can handle my dogs, and always communicates to me what is going on with them! Also, with Kelly's training background I can be sure that she won't let my dogs fall into any bad habits, and she will always treat them in a gentle, loving manner.

I couldn't recommend her more highly!! She's the absolute best!"

Katherine M.

Kelly is amazing! We have two little dogs who can't be kenneled and they LOVE Kelly. We always feel safe having her at our home with the fur babies. She sends lots of pictures and keeps us updates when we ask her to."

Beth T.

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